Welcome to Fresh from the Farm: Healthy Fundraising for Ontario Schools!

Since Fresh from the Farm’s launch in 2013, 2,200 schools have raised over $1.9 million for school initiatives, selling 4.3 million pounds of fresh Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables to Ontario families. This has generated almost $5 million in local food sales.

Why is Fresh from the Farm so successful?

  • Fresh from the Farm is the only school fundraiser eligible to all Ontario’s publicly funded schools, selling Ontario-grown fruit and vegetables.
  • Provides schools a profitable fundraising model that aligns with Ontario’s School Food and Beverage Policy thereby enabling a more supportive nutrition environment
  • Provides opportunities for introducing the related topics of agriculture, food, and healthy eating into the school environment
  • Benefits Ontario farmers and stimulates the provincial economy through the promotion and sales of fresh, Ontario fruit and vegetables, and,
  • Supports higher achievement of children and youth by promoting health and well-being through the increased consumption of fruit and vegetables within the family home.


Who can participate each Fall?

  • All public and private schools registered to operate in Ontario.
  • First Nation Schools within our delivery zones.
  • Registered daycare centers within our delivery zones.


What Ontario-grown products are sold?

  • Vegetable Bundle contains: 5 lb potatoes, 3 lb carrots, 3 lb onions, 3 lb sweet potatoes
  • Apple Bundle contains: 8 lb Ambrosia apples


What profit does the school make?

  • 40% of total sales
  • A school selling an average of 150 Vegetable Bundle and 60 Apple Bundle makes a profit of $1560
  • Highest volume school in 2017 made profit of almost $10,000


What's the timeline?

  • Enrol May 15 until September 22
  • Submit order by October 12
  • Bundles delivered between November 6 and December 7